On-demand Do-it-yourself Web Application Creation Platform Provider Caspio Migrates Coghead Customer

March 3, 2009
March 3, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – On-demand do-it-yourself web application creation platform provider Caspio has migrated the first Coghead customer, it was reported recently. Coghead was recently sold to SAP Ventures who will use its platform as an internal solution, leaving a large number of Coghead’s previous customers a very limited amount of time in which to migrate their applications.

A Hawaii-based agency used Caspio Bridge to become the first to successfully migrate from Coghead within one week of Coghead's February 18, 2009 closure notice. According to the agency, Quality Behavioral Outcomes (which provides behavioral health assessments), chose Caspio because of “its ease of use, longstanding reliability, security measures, and seamless website deployment”. All applications were “up and running within a few days”. "I wish we would have gone with Caspio to begin with," suggested the agency's Director of Behavioral Services, Mr. Todd Addleson.

"We're sorry to see the situation with Coghead, however it gave us the opportunity to demonstrate our platform's capabilities and our team's effectiveness," explained Caspio’s Founder and CEO, Mr. Frank Zamani. "Caspio was the first provider to create a transition program for Coghead customers, and we're pleased to announce the first successful migration. Our team is working with a number of Coghead customers and resellers to achieve a similar smooth transition."

Caspio's transition program offers two months free use of Caspio Bridge service alongside free unlimited support. In addition, it offers expert consultation services, free instructor-led training, and custom application development. Caspio's Platform-as-a-Service is utilized by a range of customers, from “one-person entrepreneurs to Fortune-500 corporations, digital media giants, government agencies, and educational institutions”.

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