Online Community Solutions Developer DigitalTown Acquires 11,000+ ‘.CITY’ Domains

June 25, 2016
Online Community Solutions Developer DigitalTown Acquires 11,000+ ‘.CITY’ Domains
Online community solutions developer DigitalTown has acquired in excess of 11,000 domain names with the new ‘.CITY’ extension. DigitalTown, which has headquarters in Burnsville, Minnesota, United States, was established in 2005. The company provides a “self-service solution for communities to build and manage their online groups with no technical skills required”. The company also provides a range of services that offer customers "custom community and content solutions for cities, towns and municipalities”. As a result, ‘.CITY’ domains are likely to be popular with DigitalTown’s customer base.

‘.CITY’ domains are the latest in a vast array of extensions that provide a valid alternative to more traditional ‘.com’, ‘.net’ and ‘.org’ domain names. The extensions represent a wide range of areas, including professions (i.e. ‘.accountant’), entertainment (i.e. ‘.club’) and areas of personal interest (i.e. ’.yoga’).

DigitalTown’s CEO Rob Monster suggested that ‘.CITY’ domains are “highly intuitive” and will enable residents and visitors to receive information on any city. "The introduction of new domain extensions was meant to encourage innovations in the Internet namespace like this one," added Paul Stahura, the leader of Donuts, Inc., the company which manages the ‘.CITY’ domain extension. "DigitalTown's use of .CITY for this digital platform is an intuitive way for citizens and visitors to find information that's relevant to them, and for cities to expand their outreach."

Do you know of any other companies that have invested in ‘.CITY’ domains? Let us know the details. Add your comments below.

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