Online IT Infrastructure Provider PEER 1 Joins BizSpark Program

January 12, 2009
January 12, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Online IT infrastructure provider PEER 1 (PIX) has joined the Microsoft BizSpark Program, it was reported recently. The program offers access to development tools, platform technologies and favorable production licenses and is designed to create an “ongoing, mutually beneficial ecosystem between Microsoft Corporation, startups and Network Partners” leading to startup success.

"As a hosting Network Partner for BizSpark we provide the highly flexible and scalable hosting environment needed for startups as well as small to mid-size businesses," explained PEER 1 Channel Sales Manager, Lee Hadsock. "This represents an additional channel to attract promising new companies with rapid growth potential that will require the high performance network and advanced technical support that PEER 1 provides."

PEER 1 has significant experience partnering startups that have gone on to become very successful, including YouTube and According to the company, “understanding the unique development needs of online businesses as well as the complexities of hosting and Internet infrastructure means that PEER 1 can help companies to succeed with the BizSpark program”. In addition, Microsoft is “committed to helping entrepreneurs to transform their ambitions into sustainable, dynamic businesses and to foster innovation and entrepreneurialism”.

"We understand the difficulties startups face in trying to create a viable, scalable and sustainable business, especially in today's economy," explained Microsoft’s Communications Sector General Manager, John Zanni. "Microsoft BizSpark provides startups with a unique opportunity to grow their business by taking advantage of the breadth of the Microsoft platform, our global partner ecosystem and new ways to gain market exposure."

In operation since 1999, PEER 1 caters to around 10,000 customers and includes 15 state-of-the-art data centers in North America and points-of-presence in Europe. The company's headquarters are in Vancouver, Canada.

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