Online Website Builder Provider Integrates Google Maps

February 3, 2009
February 3, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Online website builder provider has integrated Google Maps into its online Sitemaker solution, it was reported recently. This allows anyone using Sitemaker to add a Google map into their website.

“Thousands have chosen to build a website because it’s just so easy to use,” explained Ken Builder, the company’s UK Managing Director. “But up to now there was a bit of a shortcoming - if website owners wanted to show their location they had to link to an external map resource. Now, thanks to a great integration with Google maps, we’ve given website builders the ability to add customized Google maps to their websites. They look great, they’re easy to use, and of course make it easier for visitors to find their physical location. We’re really excited and are sure its going to be a popular feature”.

Webeden is an independently run London, UK based web software company. Over 1,700,000 people have utilized their solutions. The new Sitemaker release means website owners can add a Google maps interface directly into a website. The maps feature allows website visitors to “manipulate the map, by zooming or dragging the location around”.

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