Open App Developers Community Supporter Tappx Launches Free Hosting Tool

April 15, 2019
Open App Developers Community Supporter Tappx Launches Free Hosting Tool
‘Open App’ developers’ community supporter Tappx has launched a free hosting tool. Tappx, which has headquarters in Barcelona, Spain, and a presence in India and China, was established in 2014. The organization manages “the largest open app developers community for monetization and cross-promotion” with around 20,000 members. It offers Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms that help app developers to maximize their earnings. “Built by developers for developers”, Tappx is free to end users and caters for “small indie teams to top-ranked apps worldwide”. The company’s latest tool facilitates ‘app-ads.txt’.

An extension of the ‘ads.txt’ standard, app-ads.txt is an industry-driven anti-fraud initiative for mobile in-app and OTT advertising. Launched on March 13, 2019 by the ‘Interactive Advertising Bureau Tech Lab’ (IAB), it allows app publishers to list the ad tech vendors authorized to sell or resell their ad inventory. This enables programmatic ad buyers to check whether a company is actually able to sell an app’s inventory. The new tool helps mobile app developers to “integrate app-ads.txt without the need for a domain, website or additional development”.

“Tappx are accredited members of IAB Spain, hence we are strong advocates for community and the IAB’s latest extension, app-ads.txt,” explained Tappx’s Chief Marketing Officer, Fernando Saiz. “By reducing friction for adoption for the app-ads.txt specification, we are closer to eradicating spoofed in-app inventory, and hence helping to reduce digital ad fraud.”

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