Open Cloud Company Rackspace Australia Launches Hybrid Public Cloud Offering

Open Cloud Company Rackspace Australia Launches Hybrid Public Cloud Offering
Open cloud company Rackspace Australia has launched a hybrid public cloud offering. The company had previously offered only private cloud services and, as its new service is built on OpenStack technology, its value added for customers might just be a public cloud solution that is supported by solid IT vendors that include Red Hat, AMD, and Intel. The company's move follows the launch of its Sydney data center in February 2013. The center was launched to meet increased demand for managed virtualization services amongst Australian companies.

Rackspace suggests its hybrid cloud solution offers better performance and security than traditional cloud solutions. Hybrid cloud integrates public clouds, private clouds and dedicated servers, allowing them to operate in tandem, and creating a unique hybrid infrastructure.

The company suggests that its hybrid solution is a cheaper alternative to public clouds. In addition, with businesses more often utilizing proprietary technologies, there is genuine possibility that with public clouds, a company's data and business activity might become "locked in" to a specific vendor. Rackspace Australia's new solution eliminates the possibility of "vendor lock-in".

Australia's biggest online retailer will be an early adopter of Rackspace Australia's hybrid cloud solution. 100% Australian owned, Kogan describes itself as "the country’s only global consumer electronics brand" and offers discount pricing on a range of goods, including TV and video items, home appliances, heating and cooling options, home security tools, and electronic devices like cameras, tablets and mobile phones. “Kogan will be one of the first firms to move its Australian facing IT infrastructure into a local Rackspace Hybrid Cloud,” explained the company's Director of Technology, Goran Stefkovski. “We're confident in a seamless transition with the Fanatical Support we receive from Rackspace, and we can't wait to give our customers an even better shopping experience."

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