Open Cloud Company Rackspace Enters into a Contributor Agreement with CERN openlab

Open Cloud Company Rackspace Enters into a Contributor Agreement with CERN openlab
Open cloud company Rackspace Hosting has entered into a Contributor Agreement with CERN openlab. The agreement is for one year and during this period the company will provide an OpenStack hybrid cloud solution which will enable CERN to continue its groundbreaking research.

Rackspace is headquartered in San Antonio and caters to around 200,000 business customers through a global network of data centers. It services include public cloud, private cloud, dedicated server, and hybrid solutions. The company’s partnership with CERN will drive a number of initiatives, particularly establishing a reference architecture between CERN’s OpenStack powered clouds and Rackspace’s Cloud options.

CERN is well-known for research designed to help mankind understand the universe. The organization utilizes the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) to conduct experiments designed to establish the key constituents of matter, and these experiments generate 25 petabytes of data on an annual basis. CERN uses OpenStack software to manage the two data centers that process this data.

“This is a landmark moment for Rackspace, as we feel this is an opportunity to take our already mutually beneficial relationship with CERN to new heights,” explained Rackspace Private Cloud SVP and General Manager, Jim Curry. “Through ongoing collaboration with CERN openlab, we will broaden the global reach of our hybrid cloud solutions, while simultaneously helping to set the pace of innovation within the field of particle physics.”

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