Open Cloud Company Rackspace to Extend Global Cloud Network

Open Cloud Company Rackspace to Extend Global Cloud Network
Rackspace is to leverage its experience as the founder of the OpenStack public cloud infrastructure solution to extend its global cloud network. The Open Cloud company will help service providers (including telecommunication companies and other large providers) to enter the cloud arena by building and managing interoperable public clouds on their behalf. Users of Rackspace's extended network would be able to run workloads in a range of locations by utilizing a network of data centers located around the world because they. Partner program participants would be able to increase cloud growth by selling products through other providers in the network.

Rackspace intends to make all the elements of a successful cloud business available to providers. The company will make OpenStack powered Rackspace Cloud hardware and software infrastructure available to them and provide automated testing and update services. The company will also offer sales and other training designed to enable providers to launch services. In addition, it will offer service-level agreements that include patching, tuning and monitoring services.

"We have had interest from service providers on nearly every continent to extend Rackspace’s proven OpenStack powered public cloud solutions and expertise to their customers," explained Rackspace's CEO, Lanham Napier. "It is important to broaden the adoption of open-source technologies through partners around the world. The creation of this network allows for different providers, in different regions, with different service characteristics to link together to better serve the cloud users around the world with a fully interoperable global ‘cloud of clouds’. Rackspace is passionate about leading this charge and helping service providers capitalize on the expanded network to better serve their customers."

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