Open-Xchange Launches Free Webmail Promotion

February 16, 2009
February 16, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Open-Xchange (, the leading provider of open source collaboration software, has announced free webmail, calendaring and contact infrastructure made available to qualifying partners.

Qualifying partners such as web hosting providers, telcos, ISPs, as well as academic institutions and non-profit organizations can take advantage of a fully-maintained webmail module, which includes installation and configuration support of the Open-Xchange software.

"Offering rich e-mail as an alternative to Exchange is a must-have for hosters from a competitive perspective, plus it creates revenue streams and positions hosters to sell complementary services that solidify their relationship with customers," said Philbert Shih, research analyst, Tier 1 Research. "The collaboration and groupware capabilities that Open-Xchange brings to proprietary e-mail platforms is one way for hosters to introduce mid-market, rich e-mail platforms -a growing opportunity driven by the growth in web-enabled mobile devices and an increasingly mobile workforce."

The promotion is intended for partners with large numbers of existing e-mail users that require business-class, user-friendly webmail. The special offer requires partners to offer their customers higher-value Open-Xchange features, such as support for mobile devices. There are three tiers in the promotional offer for partners with:

*More than 100,000 e-mail accounts;
*Between 10,000 and 100,000 e-mail accounts;
*Less than 10,000 e-mail accounts.

"With our easily scalable open source infrastructure, we are able to offer partners a unique solution for these economically challenging times," said Rafael Laguna, the CEO of Open-Xchange. "By adding Open-Xchange, service providers, educational institutions, government and other non-profits get a secure, scalable, cost-effective webmail client for all their users for free -- and can offer an upgrade to mobile device support and fully-featured groupware."

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