Optimservers Announced it has joined the Google Cloud Partner Program for small businesses

November 14, 2023
Optimservers Announced it has joined the Google Cloud Partner Program for small businesses
Optimservers, a Saudi-based startup headquartered in Riyadh City, has proudly joined the Google Cloud Partner Program tailored for small businesses. Founded in 2018, Optimservers Cloud Hosting is positioned within one of Saudi Arabia's prominent tech hubs.

Through this collaboration with Google Cloud, Optimservers Cloud Hosting endeavors to democratize cloud hosting for small businesses, providing them with streamlined access to the robust security features and infrastructure services offered by Google Cloud, all without the necessity of employing an in-house developer.

Aref NS, the CEO of Optimservers Cloud Hosting, expressed enthusiasm about this milestone, stating, "Our focus is on dismantling barriers hindering small businesses, enabling them to unlock their full potential. This partnership with Google Cloud marks an exciting stage for us, opening new avenues and significantly expanding our outreach."

Optimservers Cloud Hosting made waves in its inaugural year, attracting thousands of customers by addressing downtime issues and expediting development processes through pre-configured automation. Behind the scenes, while customers observe a loading bar, an automated process installs a comprehensive server stack complete with MySQL, FTP, and various PHP-based addons. This automated installation also encompasses Nameserver management and includes a complimentary SSL.

Khaled Mustafa, CTO of Optimservers Cloud Hosting, expressed confidence in the impact of their Cloud With Me initiative, stating, "We are confident that Cloud With Me will help to bring mass adoption of cloud services."

Younus Malik, Head of International Online Partnerships at Optimservers Cloud Hosting, highlighted the collaborative advantage between Google Cloud and Optimservers, emphasizing how it empowers small and medium enterprises (SMEs) to entrust their infrastructure and website hosting to experts. This, in turn, allows SMEs to concentrate on their core business objectives and foster growth.

For additional information, please visit https://www.optimservers.com or reach out to Arif Noor Salah, Business Development Manager of Optimservers Cloud Hosting.

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