OrderPro Logistics to Acquire Web Hosting Provider

April 9, 2006
April 9, 2006 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - OrderPro Logistics, Inc. (http://www.orderprologistics.com) has announced that it will acquire an Internet services provider whose services include web hosting. The Tucson, Arizona-based provider offers technical services to OrderPro Logistics, Inc. and maintains a broad residential customer base in the Tucson area.

"This company provides Internet services such as office/network set up, web design and hosting, and technical support to other companies for users throughout Tucson. This will be a platform for additional technology service opportunities and enable OrderPro to become a full service stop for technology," explained OrderPro Logistics OrderPro Logistics, Jeffrey Smuda.

OrderPro Logistics, Inc. covers a broad range of logistics services and prides itself on employing innovative processes and technologies that integrate all aspects of a customer’s logistical needs. The acquisition of a company with web hosting capabilities is seen as move towards bringing more of the company’s service processes (tracking, etc.) online.

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