OVHcloud Participates in 2024 OCP EMEA Regional Summit with New Open-Source Contributions

April 24, 2024
OVHcloud Participates in 2024 OCP EMEA Regional Summit with New Open-Source Contributions
OVHcloud, the European Cloud leader, is actively engaged in the 2024 Open Compute Project (OCP) EMEA Regional Summit in Lisbon, Portugal. The company's participation underscores its dedication to advancing open-source initiatives and promoting sustainability in cloud computing.

At the summit, OVHcloud is striving to spark a broader conversation within the community by contributing to open-source projects and unveiling new whitepapers detailing its research and development endeavors. Through various expert talks and discussions, the company seeks to raise awareness about the importance of minimizing the environmental impact of cloud computing.

Over the years, OVHcloud has committed significant resources to reduce the environmental footprint of cloud infrastructure. By implementing bespoke developments and employing a vertically integrated industrial model, the company has achieved leading Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) and Water Usage Effectiveness (WUE) indexes in its data centers. At the summit, attendees can expect unique insights into OVHcloud's sustainability efforts, spanning innovation, lifespan extension, water cooling, power efficiency, and data center development.

Central to OVHcloud's vision is the belief in the power of open-source collaboration to drive innovation. The company advocates for a transparent, reversible, interoperable, and open cloud ecosystem. By fostering a vibrant community of actors who share common values, OVHcloud believes that open-source initiatives can yield tangible benefits for all stakeholders. Leveraging its vertically integrated industrial model, OVHcloud is well-positioned to rapidly scale up innovations and deliver market-standard solutions that are free from vendor lock-in, thereby promoting operational sovereignty for users.

The company's contributions to the Open Compute Project (OCP) exemplify its dedication to open-source innovation and sustainability. Drawing on its expertise in water cooling, which spans over two decades of development, OVHcloud has shared detailed specifications and designs with OCP members. These contributions include schematics for cooling environments, such as the Manual Control Valve (here) and 3 Balls Flow Meter (here). Through dedicated whitepapers, OVHcloud aims to disseminate its cost-effective designs for data center efficiency, furthering collaboration and knowledge sharing within the broader community.

Miroslaw Klaba, R&D Director at OVHcloud, expressed enthusiasm for the company's participation in the summit, emphasizing OVHcloud's commitment to innovation and freedom. By engaging with peers and contributing to open-source projects, OVHcloud aims to address the industry's challenges, particularly regarding environmental impact.

In addition to hardware contributions, OVHcloud is actively involved in software development to ensure a sustainable management infrastructure. The company is working on Open-Source firmware through OpenBMC, enabling agile deployment of updates and ensuring security during server commissioning or decommissioning. Summit participants can expect to gain insights into OVHcloud's efforts to enhance security and efficiency through OpenBMC.

In summary, OVHcloud's participation in the 2024 OCP EMEA Regional Summit reflects its unwavering commitment to advancing open-source innovation and sustainability in cloud computing. Through collaborative efforts and contributions to open-source initiatives, OVHcloud aims to drive positive change within the industry, fostering a more transparent, interoperable, and environmentally conscious cloud ecosystem.

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