Owner of Web Site Design and Hosting Service Announces New Board

January 15, 2006
January 15, 2006 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – YP Corporation, a provider of Internet yellow pages services and owner of QuickSites (http://www.yp.com/web-design-hosting.php), a web site design and hosting service, has announced a change to its Board of Directors. The company is bringing in directors with experience in businesses that utilize YP's business model and who can bring more strategic relationships to the company.

The new director of YP Corporation is Elizabeth Demarse who has held positions in public companies and is formerly CEO and President of Bankrate Inc. and Executive Vice President of Hoover's Inc. Chairman Alistair Johnson-Clague, and Audit Committee Chairman John Kurtzweil resigned their positions 8 January 2006 and Johnson-Clague is replaced by Daniel L. Coury Sr., a long-standing board member. Joseph Cunningham has joined the board to replace Kurtzweil.

"This is good news for shareholders," said Coury. "With these changes and those to come, I believe that the pace of financial improvement will accelerate." Coury continued, "Mr. Cunningham brings the talents necessary to oversee the integrity of our financial statements and is able to spend the time appropriate to the tasks of the Audit Committee chairman. I will personally spend whatever time it takes to make this company the profitable, high-growth company it once was. Over the next few weeks, I will be interviewing additional board candidates who will be able to bring strategic relationships and have more practical experience related to YP's core business. Then we will focus on filling the CEO position with a high performer. Our chief operating officer, John Raven, has been doing an outstanding job driving results and he will continue in that role."

Alongside Internet-based Yellow Pages services and web hosting, YP Corporation offers an Internet Advertising Package that includes a mini-webpage and preferred listing through its Yellow Pages offerings. The company's web site contains listings for approximately 17 million businesses in the United States.

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