Parallels Summit 2009 the Biggest Event in the Hosting Industry

January 13, 2009
January 13, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – With registration for the event already topping 1,000, the Parallels Summit 2009 is poised to become the biggest event in the hosting industry, the company announced this week. Taking place Feb 2-4, 2009 in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA, sponsors for the free event will include Intel, Microsoft, Enom, AMD, OpenSRS,, ZT Systems, R1Soft, Open-Xchange, Webhostingday 2009, Cloudmark, Verisign, ePages, InterNetX, Sarito, Acronis, and Global Relay.

"Parallels Summit 2009 represents a great opportunity for the hosting industry to gather and discuss the evolution of the industry and exchange information on topics such as Cloud Computing, Software as a Service, virtualization and automation and the role we all play in this ecosystem," explained Rackspace’s Founder Morris Miller. "Parallels plays a key role in the hosting space and I look forward to the interaction between the world's top hosters at the Parallels Summit this year."

The event will include a hands-on technical lab for Parallels solutions, sponsored by HP. The main thrust of the events will be to establish how “end-user organizations can optimize their IT” and through a range of technologies reduce IT costs and increase productivity. A number of networking events will also be on offer.

“Cloud computing is emerging as an exciting and energy efficient approach to providing dynamic IT resources,” said Bernie Meyerson, VP Strategic Alliances and CTO, IBM. “We are happy to be able to participate in Parallels 2009 Summit to present the path the computing industry has taken to this stage, from the origins of the power challenges to the holistic approach to these problems.”

Parallels Summit 2009 will feature keynotes by industry leaders and innovators including Morris Miller, Founder of Rackspace; Bernie Meyerson, CTO and VP of Strategic Alliances at IBM; Paul Ghostine, VP and GM of the Desktop Virtualization Group, Quest; Dylan Larson, Director of Server Platforms at Intel; Bill McNee, Founder, Saugatuck Technology, Andreas Gauger, Founder of 1&1, and Micheal Sippey from Sixapart will.

“Cloud Computing is transforming and disrupting the IT industry,” said Antonio Piraino, Senior Analyst, Tier 1 Research. “The most meaningful conferences being hosted in the IT sector today should be focusing on the affects that new Cloud Services are having in the market. This is why we participate in focused conferences like Parallels Summit 2009; to ensure that industry peers are collaborating, and that emerging success stories and technologies continue to be assessed, illustrated, and embraced.”

"We are pleased to be welcoming such an impressive group of globally recognized industry leaders and innovators to the Parallels Summit 2009," said Serguei Beloussov, CEO of Parallels. "Current economic conditions create unique opportunities for those in the hosting industry with foresight and agility to execute and capture those rewards. Attendees will be given a rare opportunity to network with industry heavyweights and share insights on important computing trends such as cloud computing, virtualization, software as a service, automation, and more."

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