Peer 1 Launches UK Web Hosting Service

March 20, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Peer 1 has launched a Web hosting service in the United Kingdom, it was reported recently. According to the company, which bills itself as “the top hosting firm in Canada”, the service will meet the “increasingly high expectations of small and medium sized firms which rely totally on their web businesses”. Peer 1 has opened headquarters in the southern UK city of Southampton, and currently has a datacenter under construction.

"If you have a high-performance web site running on a high-performance network, you'll get lower latency and fewer shopping carts abandoned," explained Dominic Monkhouse, the company’s UK Managing Director. "Most hosting companies think of themselves just as a hardware technology business, but we understand that we're really supporting their online business."

Mr. Monkhouse suggested that Peer 1’s primary focus was “exceptional customer service”. As a result, the company will offer £1,000 ($1,500) to new employees who “do not make the grade” as a means of enticing them to leave the company.

"If a member of staff spends three to four months with us and then leaves, we've got to recruit and train a replacement," Mr. Mr. Monkhouse explained. "This could save us nine months of lost progress in the business. We really need people who get a kick out of delivering great customer service."

According to the company, Peer 1 is “among the top five in the US” where its datacenters provide the hosting capabilities. Dominic Monkhouse formerly held a position at managed hosting giant Rackspace similar to the one he holds at Peer 1.

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