Pipex Soon to Choose Who Acquires Web Hosting and Business Services

January 19, 2008
January 19, 2008 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – British telecoms company Pipex (http://www.pipex.net/) will soon choose who will acquire its web hosting and business services operations, it was reported this week. Three companies are likely contenders – German company United Internet, Thus Group – a telecommunications concern, and private-equity company Oakley Capital. Oakley Capital was established by Peter Dubens, the founder of Pipex.

Pipex sold its broadband and phone divisions to Tiscali in 2007 and established Freedom4, a re-branding of its wireless division that was subsequently sold off to Intel with Pipex remaining part owner.

Pipex caters to the public sector and retail, commercial, financial, and IT and media segments. The company’s products include IP networking, managed services and applications, web hosting, and security and voice solutions.

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