PodOmatic Announces New Web-based Tools for Videocast Production and Distribution

January 17, 2006
January 17, 2006 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Catering for the current upsurge in interest in Podcasting, San Francisco-based PodOmatic (http://www.podomatic.com) recently announced the addition of web-based videocast production and distribution tools to its range of products and services. PodOmatic’s web-based tools are free to registered users and allow the creation of videocasts and their distribution to PCs, portable video devices or TiVo boxes.

PodOmatic users can create videocasts directly on the company’s website without downloading software or technical knowledge of podcasting requirements or audio and video mixing techniques. Users merely require an Internet-capable PC, a webcam and microphone to create a videocast.

"Our goal at PodOmatic has always been to drop the barrier of entry for people interested in producing podcasts," suggested Brian Woods, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer of PodOmatic, Inc. "With today's announcement, we've enabled just about anyone to participate in this powerful new communications channel for reaching audiences that share similar interests with video content."

Once a videocast PodOmatic has been created a user can utilize podMail to "email" audio and video messages to computer or audio and video devices and also receive audio and video "emails" from others. More extensive PodOmatic Plus accounts are available from the company at a monthly fee.

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