Polaris Signs Up With McLeodUSA

January 20, 2005
January 20th, 2005-- Polaris Networks Inc. announced today that it has entered a three year agreement with McLeodUSA Incorporated, one of the United States' largest independent telecommunications services providers, for the purchase of Polaris' OMX (Optical Metro Switch) for deployment in McLeodUSA's metro networks.

With increased traffic growth and the introduction of new services, McLeodUSA was looking for a cost-effective, next-generation platform for wideband technology to support growth in its 25-state footprint. In addition, McLeodUSA was looking to further integrate its SONET transport network directly with their cross-connect platforms to streamline operations. Polaris' OMX offers wideband, broadband and super-broadband granularity supports DS1, DS3, STSn, OCn and packet services.

"As a result of recent and expected growth in our major markets, McLeodUSA intends to add capacity and scalability to the hub of our metro networks," said Todd Wilkens, Group Vice President of Network Engineering for McLeodUSA.
"Polaris' OMX next-generation solution offers our company cost savings, as well as the flexibility and reliability that we and our customers expect."

"McLeodUSA's decision to move towards a next-generation cross-connect solution will help them to significantly lower their cost of infrastructure,"
said Surya Panditi, CEO and President of Polaris Networks. "And at the same time, they are better positioning their network for advanced network services that will address the needs of their end customers today and in the future."

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