President of Managed Hosting and Cloud Services Provider Rackspace Resigns Positions

President of Managed Hosting and Cloud Services Provider Rackspace Resigns Positions
Lew Moorman, the President of San Antonio-based managed hosting and cloud services provider Rackspace will resign from the President and Chief Strategy Officer positions he currently holds, but will remain on the company's Board of Directors, and may also remain with the company on a part-time basis. Rackspace CEO Lanham Napier will become the company's President when Mr. Moorman officially leaves his positions.

Mr. Moorman's wife received cancer-related surgery in March of this year and he suggested on the Rackspace blog that his decision was based on his inability to fully commit to his roles due to his current personal situation.

"The job of president for a company of this size and speed is a 24×7 endeavor," suggested Mr. Moorman. "Like many of you, when I am not here, my mind is still mainly focused on our work. I’ve found it a very rewarding trade because I get to build something special here with all of you. But, this is not a pace I can keep up in my current circumstances. And, you deserve full commitment from your leaders."

Mr. Moorman joined Rackspace in 2000 and was involved in sales, strategic planning and product development at the company. He was also responsible for developing business initiatives, including cloud-related solutions. He worked on the OpenStack open source cloud platform and was a firm advocate of the solution. Although Rackspace are expected to maintain their support for OpenStack, his departure adds to debate on the future of the solution.

Prior to working for Rackspace, Mr. Moorman provided consulting services for technology customers at American global management consulting firm, McKinsey & Company. A graduate of Duke University where he received a Bachelor of Arts, Mr. Moorman also received a Joint Degrees qualification in law from Stanford Law School.

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