Prolan Hosting Announces Un-Branded Web Controls!*

Title: Prolan Hosting News Flash
Place: Prolan Network Services, Boylston, NS

Due to popular request, Prolan Hosting has added several new features to the reseller - affiliate program including un-branded web controls.

All new features have been included as a standard part of the existing reseller - affiliate program. No extra cost to you. We promised to discount them to existing members. Well, we decided to add them with no extra cost at all. It's our way of motivating you to host more sites with us.

Besides the new features resellers and affiliates are NOW ALSO given 1/3 off standard prices (including their sites and all their client sites) and are provided with unlimited indirect technical support for all their clients and sites! The fee never increase, regardless of how many clients or sites you may have.

The fee for the program is just $29 CND per month! (That's about $19 US.) There is also a nominal $5 CND setup fee (about $3.35 US) if you purchase less than a year.

Other companies charge several hundred dollars just for initial setup, and hundreds more each month after that with only 10 - 15 % discounts on standard pricing. We consider this to be very important news for our Prolan Hostmasters around the globe.

Please see for the whole story.

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