Proofpoint Deploys Anti-Spam System for Pitney Bowes

March 28, 2005
March 28, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Web hosting companies may be interested to know that messaging security company Proofpoint, today announced that document management systems provider Pitney Bowes is using the Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway appliance to eliminate spam across the company's 17,000 email users. After deploying the Proofpoint appliance, Pitney Bowes has reduced total inbound email volume by 75% -- removing spam before it even hits its internal mail servers.

Pitney Bowes deployed the Proofpoint appliance in just one day and, with very little tuning, immediately reduced total inbound email volume by 75%.

With the company averaging eight million incoming emails per month, six million spam messages were eliminated, freeing up huge amounts of network resources and boosting productivity across the company's entire workforce.

"While supporting Pitney's Bowes' global enterprise messaging environment with limited resources, I have to make sure that as little time as possible is devoted to troubleshooting issues with spam," said John Congiu, enterprise messaging manager for Pitney Bowes. "The Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway is a turnkey, 'set it and forget it' solution that has eliminated a massive amount of spam with uncanny accuracy."

The unrivalled anti-spam accuracy of the Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway is delivered by Proofpoint MLX(TM), a patent-pending machine learning technology that examines more than 100,000 structural and content attributes in each email message to decisively identify and eliminate unsolicited email.

Proofpoint also offer a comprehensive reporting module that allows Congiu to easily access key email data, create reports with just a couple of clicks and easily share findings with Pitney Bowes executives.

"Proofpoint is an ideal solution for enterprises like Pitney Bowes, who are looking for an easily managed, highly effective solution to instantly stop spam," said Gary Steele, CEO of Proofpoint. "By deploying the Proofpoint Messaging Security Gateway, Pitney Bowes has restored lost productivity and increased the efficiency of its messaging systems. Proofpoint's messaging security technology ensures that Pitney Bowes will always be protected against future messaging threats as they emerge."

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