PSOFT Introduces Web Hosting Infrastructure Out of the Box

July 28, 2005
July 28, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Comodo, through their Web Hosting and server automation division PSOFT, addressed a key need of hosting companies worldwide by delivering the ‘Web Hosting Infrastructure in a Box’ in the shape of H-Sphere Xserver Cluster packages.

Each Xserver in the clusters features PSOFT’s leading webhost control panel H-Sphere installed on the security hardened, server optimized platform, Trustix Secure Linux.

The deployments include up to 3000 user accounts for a single, one off fee and deliver great ROI for clients, with PPC (Price per client) starting from just $3.66.

Available in 3 main cluster sizes, the premier package is a seven strong Xserver cluster especially targeted at mid to large scale webhosting operations. Each server in the line up is built to a custom specification that directly addresses the needs of a specific hosting requirement – including servers dedicated to control panel, mail, database, dns and web server functionality.

Comodo say the clustering solution reduces the potentially daunting task of expanding, upgrading or migrating a webhosting infrastructure down to a simple ‘plug and host’ process. Hosts can easily integrate the clusters in parallel with existing hardware, migrate infrastructures with minimal downtime or introduce the H-Sphere control server at the head of their operation to name but three potential scenarios. Start up companies will also benefit from the ability to quickly implement a hosting deployment without the need to deal with multiple vendors.

With each cluster package including free priority support ranging from 1 to 3 months, Igor Seletskiy, Technical Director, believes ‘Out of the box and into the Rack’ is now a reality for large scale webserver clusters,

“Our long term experience in the webhosting market has taught us that if problems occur, they occur within the first month. We also know that as a cluster size grows, so can the potential pitfalls. By offering free priority support in correlation to the scale of the new cluster, webhosts of all sizes can vouchsafe the success of any Xserver H-Sphere deployment”

The automated purchasing of SSL certificates from within H-Sphere, Seletskiy continues, completes the circle of complete webhost provisioning from a single vendor entity.

“World class hardware, control panel, operating system AND we’ll help hosts get it running should they run into problems. Combine this with our highly competitive pricing structure and you have a total clustering solution that is unmatched in the industry”

Organizations interested in H-Sphere Xserver clusters can find full details by visiting:

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