Purchase of Opobox, Inc. Offers United Online, Inc. Distribution Channel to Market Web Hosting

March 21, 2006
March 21, 2006 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Web United Online, Inc., whose suite of services include web hosting, has announced that its subsidiary, Classmates Online, Inc., has acquired Opobox, Inc., operator of The Names Database (www.namesdatabase.com) - a social networking service where members find and keep in touch with lost friends, family and classmates.

Namesdatabase.com has over 20 million registered members with the majority of members from outside the United States. The cost of Web United Online’s acquisition is suggested as being around $10 million.

"The acquisition of Opobox, Inc. and The Names Database is a great addition to Classmates.com and furthers our overall mission of connecting people," said Mark R. Goldston, Chairman, CEO and President of United Online. "The viral marketing techniques underlying the service have enabled Namesdatabase.com to grow its member base dramatically while expending limited marketing resources. We believe the acquisition will complement and help us grow our Classmates.com service while potentially providing a cost efficient distribution channel to market United Online's broad family of services, including VoIP, PhotoSite, web hosting and Internet access."

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