QuickBooks Specialist Ace Cloud Hosting Upgrades Server Technologies

QuickBooks Specialist Ace Cloud Hosting Upgrades Server Technologies
QuickBooks specialist Ace Cloud Hosting (ACE) has announced it has upgraded its server technologies. ACE, which has headquarters in Pompano Beach, Florida, United States, was established in 2004. The company is “an Intuit authorized commercial host for QuickBooks software” and specializes in cost-effective cloud solutions that target the accounting sector. Alongside QuickBooks hosting its cloud hosting offerings extend to application hosting, managed server hosting, and dedicated server hosting. ACE’s hosting upgrade allows it to deliver High-Performance Computing (HPC) with enhancements like improved server speed and login time. The upgrade coincides with tax season in the United States.

By offering HPC solutions ACE will offer customers continuously available hosting services with faster processing speeds. Faster application hosting will prove a boon for accounting professionals such as tax preparers and CPAs who are continually stretched when tax season arrives. ACE services are underpinned by guaranteed 99.999% uptime and ongoing call, chat, and email technical support. According to the company “login time and application response time have reduced to 50% of the previous solutions” to provide a high quality user experience. Despite the upgrade costs of ACE’s offerings remain unchanged.

“ACE wants everyone to move to the cloud,” suggested the President of Ace Cloud Hosting, Dr. Sangeeta Chhabra. “One of the major concerns with switching to cloud among the users was performance issues of applications that demands high graphics and computing requirements. High-Performance Computing on our servers addresses such challenges and is now available with all our services – tax application hosting, managed server hosting, virtual desktop, and others.”

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