Rack-Soft Announced 4PSA DNS Manager 3.6 with Improved Feature Set

March 25, 2009
March 25, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Rack-Soft launched 4PSA DNS Manager 3.6, the latest release of the DNS administration software that delivers advanced DNS hosting automation to service providers and businesses. 4PSA DNS Manager centralizes zone records from multiple hosting servers on a single, redundant DNS infrastructure. The new version introduces architectural optimizations and automation tools targeting daily hosting operation activity.

4PSA DNS Manager offers DNS support for thousands of hosting companies and Internet Service Providers. Due to its multitenant, role based architecture, DNS Manager allows hosting customers to manage DNS zone records on their own, lowering provider’s costs. The product also gathers and replicates DNS zone information from multiple hosting servers, which centralizes DNS hosting and optimizes DNS management in large hosting infrastructures. The new DNS Manager 3.6 release improves product performance and reduces resources’ utilization.

"4PSA DNS Manager 3.6 adds several new features that allow service providers to comply with local TLD rules. We also optimized the core of the product and we introduced new API methods to extend management options. Since last year, when we introduced the new generation of DNS Manager, more than 900 providers have started to use it", said Mr. Bogdan Carstoiu, Rack-Soft General Manager.

4PSA DNS Manager is available for Linux operating system in a wide range of formats, including an ISO image, VMware image, and Virtuozzo templates. The product can be downloaded for free and used with up to ten DNS zones. Prices for commercial licenses start from 259 USD and include 12 months of software updates and technical support.

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