Rackspace Announces Managed Linux Hosting Solution

July 19, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Rackspace Managed Hosting today announced its enterprise Linux managed hosting offering, Rackspace Red Label. Already home to more than 4,500 Linux configurations, Rackspace built Red Label in response to rapidly increasing demand from larger enterprises hosting Linux environments seeking comprehensive management, monitoring and security services needed to ensure 100 percent uptime of mission-critical business applications.
Rackspace Red Label was created for advanced applications running on J2EE or Linux-Apache-MySQL-PHP/Perl/Python (LAMP). Rackspace Red Label is aimed at enterprises migrating from Sun to Linux.

"Enterprises are increasingly interested in the benefits of Linux, but given the diversity of vendors and relative newness of some of the technology, these enterprises may not have the resources in-house to manage a complex Linux deployment," said Ted Chamberlin, principal analyst, Communications Group, Gartner, Inc. "Managed hosting enables organizations to better focus their human capital on delivering business value by providing a fully-managed Linux environment for application development and deployment."

Red Label elevates Rackspace's traditional Linux offering to high-end Linux managed hosting deployed on Dell hardware and includes key services designed to keep complex J2EE and LAMP applications running optimally. Rackspace Red Label premium services include:
Proactive Patching -- A redundant and distributed patching system complete with testing and rollback capabilities

Multi-Layer Monitoring -- Comprehensive monitoring systems ensure network external business availability, application and database
performance, and overall system performance and utilization

Application Infrastructure Support -- Full support of application infrastructure components including Oracle, MySQL, JBoss and Apache
with a direct escalation path to each vendor

Technology Planning -- Detailed monthly account reviews with lead engineer for hardware capacity planning and issue resolution along with data and trend analysis. Combining best-of-breed and proven solutions from leading vendors like Dell, Novell, Red Hat, Nimsoft and Mercury Interactive, Rackspace Red Label delivers an unprecedented level of security, stability and responsiveness.

"We're responding to a growing demand for advanced Linux hosting, and Rackspace Red Label provides a responsive, secure and stable environment for enterprises looking to capitalize on the benefits of Linux for application development," said Paul Froutan, vice president, product engineering, Rackspace Managed Hosting. "Our strong partnerships with some of the best Linux vendors like Novell and Red Hat have enabled us to deliver an openly-architected and best-of-breed solution backed by Rackspace's Linux expertise and Fanatical Support."

ConsignMall Corporation, an online retailer of goods consigned by merchants who drop-ship negotiated orders to ConsignMall customers, recently deployed on Red Label its proprietary Commerce Automated Clearing House Exchange system that facilitates the execution of fraudless transactions by transferring funds and assigning deliveries online. ConsignMall selected Rackspace Red Label to host its web facing application in order to take advantage of the monitoring and usage reporting to aid in capacity planning for the new site.

"Rackspace is known for its long-time Linux expertise and we trust them to manage our enterprise-level Linux environment," said Bill Rodgers, CEO of ConsignMall Corporation. "Rackspace Red Label will provide us with the specialized monitoring and capacity planning services needed to scale our site as it grows."

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