Rad Web Hosting Announces cPanel Partnership

Rad Web Hosting Announces cPanel Partnership
Rad Web Hosting has partnered with cPanel as an official Partner NOC. Rad Web Hosting also announced they are now offering free cPanel server migration service for hosting accounts, cPanel VPS and cPanel dedicated servers at no cost for all migrations throughout 2022.

“We’re pleased to be partnered with cPanel-the pioneering industry leaders in the field of web hosting management software,” said Scott Claeys, a spokesman from Rad Web Hosting. “We’ve been a cPanel provider since we launched in 2014. It feels a bit like a milestone for us, since VPS is the core business. We look forward to leveraging this partnership in our continuing efforts to increase the value and experience for our clients, while also exploring opportunities to reach new clients, who might be looking cPanel-powered hosting solutions for the first time.”

Notable features of cPanel-hosting services provided by Rad Web Hosting include: fully-managed experience with 24 hour available support, enterprise-grade hardware and storage (100% Datacenter SSDs) continuous (rebootless) stack updates for best performance and feature, while eliminating known security vulnerabilities. Rad Web Hosting customers also enjoy benefits such as free SSL certificates, free site builder, free 1-click application installer, WordPress manager (with cloning and staging), daily/weekly/monthly off-site backups, and incremental backups for continuous data protection.

Rad Web Hosting is also well-known for offering managed cPanel Dedicated Servers and cPanel VPS for clients requiring dedicated resources.

You can view the Rad Web Hosting partner details at: https://partnernoc.cpanel.net/res/9111/rad-web-hosting.htm

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