Radical Vision Rewards New Clients with Free iPod Drawing

Radical Vision LLC, a long standing web host serving more than 3,000 websites, announced Monday that it will give away three iPod Shuffle’s as part of a new contest designed to reward the company’s clients.

The contest, located at http://www.radicalv.com/win_iShuffle.php, will have three drawings. The drawings will be conducted in February, March, and April, with an iPod being given away each month, according to Chris Cowfer, Managing Member of Radical Vision.

New clients who sign up with a Windows, Linux, or Reseller account at Radical Vision (http://www.radicalv.com) will automatically be entered into the drawing.

“We will automatically be entering new clients into the drawing as an incentive to sign up for hosting,” said Cowfer.

In addition, existing clients can be entered into the drawing by upgrading their hosting plan within the next three months.

“Our current hosting clients can also take advantage of this contest by upgrading to a larger hosting account,” said Cowfer.

Apple’s iPod Shuffle, which is both more compact and slimmer than earlier iPods, has a playing time of up to 12 hours of music, and doesn’t skip.

“They are amazing little devices,” said Cowfer, who has an iPod of his own. “I love my iPod, and I don’t really go anywhere without it.”

Each iPod is valued at $99, and will be sent out to winners immediately after the drawings. Shipping charges for the music players are being paid for by Radical Vision.

Cowfer made the decision to start the contest after seeing an iPod shuffle on the internet.

“I personally started this contest after I saw them introduced by Apple,” said Cowfer. “I thought it was a really innovative device and I knew that our clients would probably appreciate getting one in the mail.”

More information regarding the contest and Radical Vision’s hosting services can be obtained at http://www.radicalv.com/.

About Radical Vision, LLC

Radical Vision, LLC is a privately held New Jersey based corporation and provider of web hosting, domain names, SSL certificates, and credit card processing solutions. Hosting over 3,000 unique websites, Radical Vision is quickly identified as a leading ecommerce solutions provider. In both 2003 and 2004, Radical Vision was listed as one of the most dynamic companies of the year by HostPulse.com’s 100MostDynamic.


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