Rapid Growth Means Web Hosting Provider Restructures

November 4, 2005
November 4, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Rapid growth over the last year has resulted in the need for a major restructuring of web hosting provider, SiteGround.com. Over the last 2 months the company has implemented a number of changes designed to improve the management of the internal company processes and increase customer satisfaction.

SiteGround.com’s restructuring has involved a shift of its primary focus to the Technical Support Department, which, it says, is now much faster and more effective. The company has also introduced a new Account Management Department which became necessary to manage the company’s growing customer base. Every new customer is assigned to a dedicated Account Manager and therefore has someone to address queries towards.

According to the company, the changes brought about by its restructuring have optimized communication flow within the company, resulting in greater efficiency and customers being served much faster. Customer response, particularly to having an account manager to contact, has been very positive. “My observation is that customers like the idea of having someone to look after them and feeling a real person behind the wall,” said Annie Tailor, a SiteGround Account Manager.

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