RatePoint Offers Web Hosting and Technology Providers New Customer Satiafction Reseller Option

July 19, 2007
July 19, 2007 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – RatePoint (http://www.ratepoint.com/) is offering web hosting and technology providers a reseller option which offers a “highly automated, scaleable service that can be sold to businesses with little or no integration effort”, it was announced recently.

The RatePoint Consumer Approval Program is offered as a fully-hosted service and enables web hosts and technology providers to “leverage their existing ecommerce and business customer base to increase business margins”. RatePoint is offering unlimited Consumer Approval Program licenses - to sell or give away to customers – until August 31, 2007. To date, more than 15 companies with a combined base of more than 100,000 businesses have committed to becoming RatePoint Consumer Approval Program resellers.

The program offers a Web 2.0 approach to customer feedback, which allows a company’s consumers to interact with each other while providing a customer feedback channel to companies. Consumers access RatePoint’s online platform to submit reviews, which are authenticated and passed to the company. When a negative review occurs, the system allows the company and its customer to communicate, offering the company a means of resolving the issue, thus turning a “negative experience into a positive one”.

Organizations sporting a dynamically generated "RatePoint Consumer Approval" badge on their website, must have a positive RatePoint rating and pass a fraud check. All program members will be listed in RatePoint's Merchant Directory, which will be connected to RatePoint's rapidly growing online rating service.

"As a third-party medium that sorts out the differences between businesses and their customers, the RatePoint Consumer Approval Program helps level the playing field for online businesses by validating who they are," explained Windy City Web Solutions’ President and CEO, Mr. Ken Fox. "For Windy City Web Solutions, the RatePoint Consumer Approval Program provides us with another way of differentiating ourselves on support and added service. We plan to offer it as a complement to our existing ecommerce offerings, such as secure certificates, domain accounts and merchant accounts."

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