Rax.bg Announced Business Continuity Cloud Server Hosting

June 2, 2022
Rax.bg Announced Business Continuity Cloud Server Hosting
The cloud infrastructure provider RAX (Rax.bg) announced a Business Continuity Cloud Servers to help small and medium businesses eliminate any interruption of website or applications services and web content delivery, as a result of an infrastructure or OS downtime. The RAX business continuity Cloud service is called “Failover Cloud”. It applies to Cloud services, Shared Hosting, Dedicated Server Hosting, and custom Colocation services.

The Failover Cloud services are available in RAX virtual data centers based out of Frankfurt, Germany; London, UK; New York, United States, Singapore and Sofia, Bulgaria. According to the web hosting provider, the average monthly recurring cost of its clients who currently use the Failover Cloud services is just 30% higher than the web hosting plans that do not feature business continuity.

“Failover Cloud is a technology solution designed to help businesses keep their operations going and to minimize any interruption of services, a result of an OS failure or downtime of the underlying physical infrastructure,” says Danail Stoychev, Cloud Operations Manager in Rax.bg. In the event of an interruption of the main IT environment, RAX Failover Cloud switches the service delivery to the business continuity server to prevent downtime,” explains the RAX’s representative. He has added that the Failover Cloud service features a fully synchronized, mirrored copy of the application environment – that might be a website, a desktop and mobile application, an mail server, and any other data used by the businesses to deliver Public Cloud or Private Cloud services.

RAX quoted a 2016 Ponemon Institute study that revealed an average cost of downtime for businesses of $ 9,000 per minute. The company also pointed out the fact that business losses resulting from interruption of IT services have increased in 2021. A study by the Uptime Institute conducted in 2021, found that more than 60 percent of the businesses interviewed lost more than $ 100,000 as a result of IT service outages.

The RAX main virtual data center is located in the Equinix SOF 1 telecommunication facility in Sofia, Bulgaria. The Cloud service provider also operates Cloud infrastructure in Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, the United States, and Singapore.

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