Real-time Communications Software Could Become a Standard Web Hosting Feature

April 28, 2005
April 28, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Via its online gaming division Gamecloud, ISP and web hosting provider Speakeasy, is set to provide Teamspeak voice communication software solution for the upcoming online roleplaying game, Guild Wars. Teamspeak will be bundled with the Guild Wars Collector's Edition, which will be available in North America and Europe on April 28, 2005.

Speakeasy's Gamecloud services will ensure that hundreds of thousands of players worldwide can simultaneously communicate using Teamspeak. With in-game chat, players can strategize in real time, call targets, focus fire and move the team as a unit. Speakeasy's enterprise gaming services group has been working with Teamspeak to create a customized solution for Guild Wars that allows users to speak to other players using software that runs on the players' personal computers.

"Speakeasy understands the complex demands of online gamers as they've been a core focus of our broadband business for many years. Speakeasy's Teamspeak and low-latency, international network will allow for optimal communication for Guild Wars players," said Speakeasy Chairman and Founder Mike Apgar.

"Guild Wars is a global game and Speakeasy's Teamspeak component adds another dimension to seamless interaction among players around the world," Jeff Strain, ArenaNet cofounder said. "Speakeasy's technology and high-powered network offers us the best voice solution to reach game players."

The technology is interesting in terms of the web hosting industry in terms of its potential for other online games as well as applications similar features could have for international office workers communicating with the home office or business people communicating anywhere.

It may not be long before such technology is a standard web hosting feature.

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