Recent Google Toolbar PageRank Update Surprises SEO Practitioners

December 9, 2013
Recent Google Toolbar PageRank Update Surprises SEO Practitioners
Despite Matt Cutts' Twitter account suggesting that there would be no further Google Toolbar PageRank Updates until 2014 in October 2013, SEO practitioners were confounded to see a full PageRank update last week (Friday 6 December 2013).

It has been around 10 months since the Google Toolbar PageRank was last updated and a number of analysts had suggested that the PageRank service would be phased out, or at least ignored by Google as far as further updates were concerned. The usefulness of Google Toolbar PageRank has also been debated for a long time.

The fact the recent update took so long is an indication that the information it displays is often out of date. The extent to which it plays any part in SEO is also open to debate. The importance of the Google Toolbar PageRank has certainly been in decline.

There has never been an official Google Toolbar for Google's browser, Chrome, although a number of third party extensions exist that provide PageRank details for websites. The Firefox PageRank add-on was terminated around 2 years ago, leaving only Internet Explorer capable of showing PageRank information.

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