Research Firm Clutch Suggests US Enterprises Plan to Increase Cloud Spending

February 13, 2016
Research Firm Clutch Suggests US Enterprises Plan to Increase Cloud Spending
Research firm Clutch has conducted a study which suggests that US enterprises plan to increase cloud spending. Clutch, which has head offices in Washington, DC, United States, specializes in ‘B2B research’. The company’s studies provide data on which providers and solutions companies should recommend to their customers. Its latest study suggests 90% of enterprises in the United States will either spend the same on cloud computing in 2016, or increase spending in the area.

Clutch’s research suggests cloud service providers catering to enterprises can expect significant growth in 2016. The company surveyed 300 IT professionals from 300 ‘medium and large enterprises’ (with 100 employees or more) that utilize cloud computing platforms. 70% of those surveyed use the cloud for file storage and 62% use it for disaster recovery and backup. 51% use it for application deployment, while 46% utilize cloud services for application development and testing.

The results also suggest 47% of companies see increased efficiency as cloud computing’s primary benefit. The results went on to suggest that the bulk of those surveyed believe their companies would increase cloud computing expenditure by around 50% in 2016, while approximately 30% would spend the same amount. 6% said they would cut cloud computing expenditure.

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