Reseller discount increased to 50%, aliased DNS names and IP's added for free!!

How do you like prices decreases? Well, our bandwidth and IP costs have just decreased by %7. This is very, very good news. We are now happy to be able to pass this saving on to our reseller-affiliate clients so they can continue to fuel the rapid growth we are already experiencing together.

We are now proud to announce that reseller-affiliates are now given %50 off all sites beyond the first two they host with us!

Reseller affiliates are now in a position to charge the SAME prices we do, and still make a %100 profit per site. In addition, we have included a clear NON-COMPETE statement for those reseller-affiliates who have expressed concerns with the lack there of. This is meant to compliment the alias DNS names we have just added. The combination is intended to provide total and complete anonymity for those who like that option.

There mission should , they choose to accept it is to run their own profitable on-line hosting business. Be your own boss and have your own company! That's the best way! Your client list is your further! Make sure it is your own!

Please visit our reseller-affiliate page for the details of this new offering. Resellers with exist sites should contact us ASAP to take make sure they advantage of the new discounts. Your plans will not be switched unless you request it.

Please enjoy the additional features and the price decrease. Keep up the good work!

Thank you, and, as always

Best Regards,

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