Right Servers to Launch New Grid Hosting Services, Leveraging 3Tera’s AppLogic Cloud Computing Platform

February 11, 2009
February 11, 2009 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Right Servers, an Ontario, Canada based hosting company, announced today the launch of new Grid Hosting services powered by 3Tera® award-winning AppLogic™ cloud computing platform. Leveraging the power of grid technology, Right Servers is adding new levels of reliability, redundancy and cost effectiveness to the traditional hosting solutions. New Right Servers offerings include grid-based Virtual Private Servers (VPS), shared hosting with automatic failover and grid hosting. For the first time in the hosting industry, whole scalable LAMP clusters with pre-built application stacks are offered on a subscription basis.

“With 3Tera, we are able to offer our clients the most flexible solution out there,” said Yazan Al-Sheikhly, Chief Executive Officer, Right Servers. “We see our partnership as part of our long-term strategy to be competitive and innovative in closing any gaps that exist in today’s market.”

“We are excited to see booming interest in AppLogic from hosting and SaaS vendors looking to provide the scalability and redundancy our end-customers demand,” said Bert Armijo, SVP sales, marketing and product management, 3Tera, Inc. “Right Servers’ creative approach brings new compelling service offerings to the hosting market. They are the first hosting company to offer a wide variety of pre-configured scalable application components and bundle those with flexible hosting packages to provide tremendous time savings and ease of use.”

“Time-to-market is important to us and our clients, especially for those in the development phase of on-demand applications,” commented Al-Sheikhly. “AppLogic has created a significant competitive advantage for our Software-as-a-Service customers by allowing them to get their solutions into production faster, with low development costs.”

By using grid hosting, SaaS vendors can focus on their application functionality instead of having to deal with the heavily depreciating infrastructure requirements in the traditional datacenter environment.

“As a service provider to hundreds of Web sites, MySportSite Inc. needed a reliable, fast solution,” said Brandon Aubie, President, MySportSite, Inc. “Working closely with Right Servers allowed us to get things up and running very quickly according to our custom integration requirements. We enjoyed unprecedented support in setting up our grid server solutions. In the rare event of a hardware fault, the grid continues to run our application with virtually zero downtime. This is definitely a cost-effective solution for anyone requiring high reliability, power, and flexibility.”

Right Servers takes pride in providing leading solutions in the information technology industry. From inception, Right Servers has brought the right and affordable solutions to many small and medium-sized businesses that were once only available to large enterprises. Right Servers offerings from domain hosting to a complex multi-server hosting solution provide quality for all budgets.

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