Roaring Penguin Software Supports SWsoft in Addressing Software Integration issues in the Web Hosting Industry

July 24, 2007
July 24, 2007– (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Roaring Penguin Software ( is supporting SWsoft ( in trying to address software integration issues in the web hosting industry, it was announced yesterday. Roaring Penguin’s efforts in this direction have led to the integration of its CanIt-Domain-PRO anti-spam software with the SWsoft Plesk control panel. “The CanIt configuration tool for CanIt-Domain-PRO will support the OPEN FUSION initiative,” explained Roaring Penguin Software’s President, David Skoll.

SWsoft’s OPEN FUSION initiative aims to create an “open software platform that enables independent software developers to support control panels without having to constantly rewrite their code to integrate with each individual control panel”. According to the company, “Roaring Penguin Software fully supports the vision of OPEN FUSION and is working actively to promote its acceptance”.

CanIt-Domain-PRO introduces the concept of "realms". Each customer of a web host can delegate a system administrator to manage their realm individually, giving them complete control of spam in their environment. Prior to CanIt-Domain-PRO, web hosts were required to implement filters in front of all their customers websites and scan to the lowest common denominator. Now their customers are able to act as realm administrators to create baseline rules, define users and streams within their realms.

"This agreement with Roaring Penguin allows them to deliver a powerful solution for service providers, which integrates two leading technologies – SWsoft Plesk control panel and Roaring Penguin Software's CanIt-Domain-PRO anti-spam software," suggested SWsoft’s CEO, Mr. Serguei Beloussov. "The Technology Partnership advances our OPEN FUSION strategy by creating a unified platform for hosted e-commerce."

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