Rodopi Software Announces New Service-Oriented Architecture

June 7, 2005
June 7, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - New generation operations systems and software and back office automation software firm Rodopi Software Inc., today announced Rodopi 6.0, scheduled for general availability in Q3 of 2005. The new architecture separates application services from the presentation layer, creating a scalable and highly flexible framework for integrating new generation OSS components and functionality. Rodopi 6.0 is the first fully web-enabled OSS solution to incorporate a service-oriented architecture (SOA) into both hosted and licensed applications.

The loose coupling of functional components in an SOA offers a powerful approach for service providers to access application processes, which can be combined and consumed as "services" across multiple OSS and network systems. As new generation systems and converged services become increasingly more complex, the ability to flexibly integrate functionality translates to accelerated time to market and rapid service evolution. In addition to introducing the new architecture, Rodopi 6.0 offers significant new functionality including a more powerful and flexible IP billing engine, a brand new .NET customer portal for self activation and account management, and redesigned reporting services. In anticipation of stepped up enforcement of Visa and MasterCard's Payment Card Industry (PCI) Data Security Standards effective June 30, 2005, Rodopi 6.0 provides encrypted card number storage, role based security, and access logging.

"Rodopi has always been a technology leader in web based, integrated operations and business systems for IP service providers," said Todd Benjamin, president and CEO of Rodopi. "The new service-oriented architecture and enhanced functionality moves Rodopi to the forefront of OSS framework technology and rapid ROI service introduction."

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