Ryan Peterson Joins Start-up Data Republic

March 29, 2016
Ryan Peterson Joins Start-up Data Republic
Ryan Peterson has joined technology start-up Data Republic Pty Ltd. (Data Republic). Data Republic, which has headquarters in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, has developed a “Trust Platform” which offers a level of security appropriate for financial services. The company’s mission is to “be the most secure and well-governed platform for exchanging data” and its platform helps companies fulfill legal requirements on exchanging data. Mr. Peterson joins Data Republic from EMC Corporation (EMC). At Data Republic Mr. Peterson will be in charge of leading the company’s move into the United States market.

EMC, which has headquarters in Hopkinton, Massachusetts, United States, specializes in selling data storage solutions and information security. The company caters to companies of a range of sizes by providing products and services that include virtualization, analytics, and cloud computing. On October 12, 2015 it was announced that Dell Inc. would purchase EMC for $67 billion, the largest technology deal in history. His role at EMC was Chief Solutions Strategist and the timing of his departure could make EMC’s transition to Dell less smooth.

Mr. Peterson was a key contributor to EMC’s big data activity – the main reason Dell decided to acquire EMC. It has been reported that Michael Dell, the CEO of Dell Inc., wanted Mr. Peterson to be in charge of Dell’s Big Data after the acquisition. Mr. Peterson has been in technology for over two decades and oversaw joint EMC and IBM’s joint activity. Prior to EMC he was Vice President of systems integrator PCM and had an executive role at Data Systems Worldwide. He has had roles at Canyon Information Systems, Nestle, Compaq, HP, ARCO, BP and Amgen.

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