SaaS Analytics Solution Adds Cloud Migration and Cost Analysis

March 10, 2017
SaaS Analytics Solution Adds Cloud Migration and Cost Analysis
Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) “hybrid capacity analytics” solution (Densify) has added cloud migration and cost analysis to its range of features. A Cirba company, Densify’s services “automate densifying and de-risking hybrid cloud infrastructure for the enterprise”. Its new features make it easier for companies to make decisions on how to balance infrastructure demand across available infrastructures, including on premise capability and in public clouds. analyses hybrid cloud environments to determine capacity and offer “end-to-end transformation”. Its analytics enable companies to make automated decisions on capacity and optimization to “ensure applications always have the right amount of the right kind of capacity with little or no waste”. It offers deep workload analysis that establishes workload patterns and determines application requirements. With this information the solution compares hosting options to match applications to the best hosting environments. It then optimizes workload placement and allocates the required resources. can be used against a number of infrastructures including public cloud options such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure and IBM SoftLayer. It can even be used to manage bare metal environments. For those looking to experience’s capabilities firsthand, a free trial is available.

“The move to hybrid cloud for most enterprises is being slowed by complexity of making the decision as to how to balance demand across all their infrastructure options including on premise and public clouds,” explained Cirba’s CEO, Gerry Smith. “After months of working with our partners and customers it is clear’s SaaS analytics enable optimal decisions so that organizations may confidently transform their infrastructure.”

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