SaaS Solutions Provider Citrix and Cloud Giant Google Launch ‘Citrix Workspace’

May 26, 2019
SaaS Solutions Provider Citrix and Cloud Giant Google Launch ‘Citrix Workspace’
Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solutions provider Citrix and cloud giant Google have announced the launch of ‘Citrix Workspace’. Fort Lauderdale, Florida-based Citrix specializes in virtualization, mobility management, networking and SaaS solutions. The company caters to more than 400,000 organizations globally. Citrix has worked with Mountain View, California-based Google since 2011, collaborating on areas as diverse as Chromebooks, virtual apps, and desktops, with the aim of securing virtual applications and work areas. ‘Citrix Workspace with MCS on Google Cloud’ (Citrix Workspace) will enable users to scale Citrix workspaces on Google Cloud Platform (GCP).

Citrix Workspace allows users to benefit from virtual machines on GCP including establishing custom machines. The solution helps standardize pictures and automates the management of patches. It also permits integration of Citrix and Cloud Identity - Google’s Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) and enterprise mobility management (EMM) products, both of which are offered as stand-alone products through Google’s ‘G Suite’ cloud-based collaboration and communication suite.

“This is what the future of work looks like,” explained Citrix’s Executive Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer, Mark Ferrer. “As companies move more apps to the cloud, they need an easy, secure and reliable way for employees to access these apps anywhere, anytime from any device. Together, Citrix and Google Cloud deliver an elegant digital work experience with unified innovation delivery and unmatched performance and reliability,” he added.

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