SaaS Solutions Provider Citrix Makes Browser-based Apps Easier to Manage

March 25, 2016
SaaS Solutions Provider Citrix Makes Browser-based Apps Easier to Manage
SaaS solutions provider Citrix has made browser-based apps easier to manage and use. Citrix, which has headquarters in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States, has a global presence. The company generates $3.28 billion annually by catering to a customer base of 400,000 organizations with products and services that bring together “virtualization, mobility management, networking and SaaS solutions”. Its mobile workspaces allow employees immediate and safe access to “apps, desktops, data and communications” through a range of devices. Citrix’s latest initiative addresses the security and IT management issues related to the use of browser-based apps in business.

Many companies develop apps that are designed for specific browsers (for example, Internet Explorer) and they might not operate correctly using other browsers. In addition, the functions offered by certain browsers (for instance, saving passwords) can be contrary to some companies’ security and compliance procedures. The ‘Citrix Secure Browser’ suite addresses such issues by safely delivering web and SaaS applications to “any modern browser”. The service manages an “unlimited number of web apps” and starts at only $20 per user per month. Alternatively, it can be delivered on a “perpetual license” with costs starting at $150 per user or device.

“From enterprises that need to protect access to SaaS applications to current Citrix customers who need a quick way to securely deliver web apps, we’re seeing tremendous demand for Citrix Secure Browser,” explained Citrix’s Vice President, Product Marketing, Windows App Delivery, Calvin Hsu. “Because of the ability to securely deliver web apps in minutes, this solution will provide IT with a new agility, empowering organizations to adapt to dynamic market conditions and empower business managers in an unprecedented way. This will change how software is deployed in the enterprise.”

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