SaaS Version of Open Source SuiteCRM Now Available

May 14, 2019
SaaS Version of Open Source SuiteCRM Now Available
A Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) version of the open source SuiteCRM is now available. SalesAgility, the current developers of SuiteCRM, has headquarters in Cupertino, California, United States. Initially released in October 2013, the software is currently available as version 7.10, which was released in 2018. The module-based solution offers features for managing products, quotes, contracts and invoices alongside surveys and Google Maps and Outlook plugins. SuiteCRM also offers a range of responsive themes that change its look and feel.

As an open source solution, SuiteCRM is generally downloaded from the internet and installed onto a user’s server. However, certain advanced features require payment. With a new SaaS version available, SuiteCRM is used online and can compete with cloud-based solutions like Salesforce. Known as ‘Suite:OnDemand’ the solution offers a new pricing approach. Whereas enterprise CRM vendors like Salesforce generally offer a ‘per user’ price approach, Suite:OnDemand offers a ‘per-server’ approach that “will support unlimited users” with “no increase in cost for access to advanced features”.

“We want SuiteCRM to be available to all businesses and to all users within a business,” explained SalesAgility’s CEO, Dale Murray. “Many organisations do not have the experience to run and support our product on-premise or it is not part of their technology strategy to do so. With Suite:OnDemand we are providing our customers with a quick and easy solution to access all the features of SuiteCRM without a per user cost. We’re also saying to Salesforce that enterprise-class CRM can be delivered, enhanced, maintained and supported without charging mouth-wateringly expensive monthly fees. Our aim is to transform the CRM market to enable users to make CRM pervasive within their organisations.”

Suite:OnDemand is available as a ‘Starter’ package at $122 per month, a ‘Business’ package at $430 per month, and a ‘Premium’ option at $614 per month for 5 - 50 users “who want additional support and who want automation”. Alongside ongoing support packages offer hourly snapshot backups and an “annual health check”.

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