Seamless Wi-Fi Lanches ‘High-Security Hosting Facility’

December 26, 2005
December 26, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Seamless Wi-Fi, Inc. recently announced the launch of Alpha Internet, Inc., an Internet hosting services provider, as “part of its vertical expansion strategy”. The entity was created to enable the company to better facilitate its Seamless Phenom secure communications services designed for customers that do not wish to purchase their own Oracle server or whose equipment is not Oracle-compatible.

Alpha Internet is only available for Seamless customers and provides high security hosting services. Discussing the launch, Seamless Wi-Fi’s CEO Al Reda stated, "Our strategy is to provide the framework for effortless client implementations of our Phenom and secure Wi-Fi offerings. Creating our own high-security hosting facility provides the most robust infrastructure possible to potential clients seeking secure network services. We currently have clients that are interested in our products that do not have the information security systems and hardware in place for fail-safe implementations. Launching Alpha Internet allows us to meet this potential client demand while also giving us the ability to support our products in the most efficient manner."

"On another note we have, to date, increased revenues 144% over the most recent quarter ended September 30, 2005. Peer2Peer and Skyy-Fi both contributed to the increase in revenue," concluded Mr. Reda.

Based in Las Vegas, Seamless Wi-Fi, Inc. offers Wi-Fi products and services through two subsidiaries - Seamless Peer2Peer, Inc. and Seamless Skyy-Fi, Inc. Seamless Skyy-Fi offers a network of Wi-Fi ‘Hot Spots’ around the USA. Seamless Peer2Peer developed Phenom Virtual Internet Extranet encryption software for secure business and government network communications. The system provides secure peer mail, chat, file transfer, and remote PC access.

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