Search Engine DuckDuckGo is Financing Worthwhile Open Source Projects

May 8, 2016
Search Engine DuckDuckGo is Financing Worthwhile Open Source Projects
Search engine DuckDuckGo is financing a number of worthwhile Open Source (OS) projects. DuckDuckGo, which has headquarters in Pennsylvania, United States, is recognized as an ‘anonymous’ search engine as it doesn’t track its users in any fashion. The company is financing projects that are focused on Internet user privacy.

A “general purpose search engine”, DuckDuckGo believes in “real privacy, smarter search and less clutter” and is the default search option for Apple Safari and Mozilla Firefox. In 2015 three billion DuckDuckGo searches were recorded. Unlike its competition, DuckDuckGo’s advertising is generic in nature and doesn’t target specific users based on their searches. DuckDuckGo is providing $225,000 to nine individual Open Source projects.

The projects DuckDuckGo is supporting include Open Source “whistleblower” solution, SecureDrop. It also funds peer-to-peer network Freenet Project which is wants to “re-establish freedom of speech on the internet”. The OpenBSD Foundation and the CrypTech project are also receiving support. Tor Project for onion services, Fight for the Future for Save Security, and VeraCrypt are also beneficiaries, as are Riseup Labs for LEAP.

“We're extremely proud to support each of these projects in their work towards increased trust for all internet users, not to mention a stronger global open source community,” explained DuckDuckGo’s blog. We continue to be part of that community with our open source repositories and DuckDuckHack, our community of contributors.”

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