SeaSolve Software Releases New Online Acquisition Tool

March 21, 2005
March 22, 2005- (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - WiPAN LVCT is a tool used for online acquisition and testing of 802.15.4 data using NI-PXI RF platforms. It provides easy to use software set-up options to configure digitizer and down-converter, select channel, select number of data octets to transmit and mode of operation with a simple pass/fail method of testing devices for compliance.

Perform advanced analysis of Transmit and Receive designs with a flexible and cost-effective analysis solution - WiPAN LVSA. It provides Baseband (I/Q) analysis & RF analysis using the Vector Signal Analyzer NI PXI RFSA 5660.

The signal generator software WiPAN LVSG makes it easy to create signals for characterizing overall PHY layer performance of WPAN transmitter and receiver.

"With SeaSolve Software's LabVIEW-based WLAN-802.11 a/b/g and WPAN-802.15.4 (ZigBee) test software, customers now can perform RF Physical layer compliance tests and take advantage of the flexibility and speed of the PXI RF platform," says Joseph Kovacs, Product Marketing Manager,
RF and High Frequency Measurements of National Instruments.

"As a member of our Alliance Program, SeaSolve has been very responsive and has demonstrated how quickly wireless standards-based testing can be developed with National Instruments' PXI RF platform."

"Our test solutions developed for the Wireless Communication industry drastically reduce time-to-market. Our products are used in different stages of design, pre-compliance testing, certification and manufacturing. Seamless integration with NI-PXI RF platforms ensures reliability and accuracy of the
results," says Mehraj Lanker, VP Engineering of SeaSolve Software, Inc.

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