Security Services Provider for Web Hosts is Fastest-Growing Digital Certificate Authority

December 15, 2005
December 15, 2005 – (HOSTSEARCH.COM) – Based on the results of the December Secure Server Survey provided by Netcraft Ltd. (, web host security services provider GeoTrust ( announced yesterday that in 2005 more web sites utilized its Digital Certificates than those of any other provider.

Digital certificates allow Internet transmissions to be encrypted and decrypted by intended recipients thus stopping unauthorized interception. Web pages that transfer sensitive data (credit card transactions, passwords, financial data, etc.) often utilize digital certificates to ensure security and maximize customer confidence. As 2005’s results suggest, GeoTrust has become one of the key digital certificates players and is currently the world’s second largest provider.

Discussing the company’s news Neal Creighton, the company’s president and chief executive suggested, “Nearly all aspects of business can now be conducted online. Yet in order for this trend to continue and to further expand, people need to feel as confident about the security of an online transaction as they would if they were standing in a store or at the local branch of their bank. GeoTrust's strategy has been to make SSL technology readily available to help drive growth of online businesses, so we're particularly gratified to see we've topped the market for SSL certificates securing public sites."

GeoTrust offers a range of products and services which include managed security services for large enterprises, identity verification services, and signing services that digitally bind people to documents or computer code to ensure product integrity. The company currently caters for over 100,000 companies worldwide.

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