Security Services Provider Juniper Networks Launches Products for Protecting Data Center Environments

February 26, 2013
Security Services Provider Juniper Networks Launches Products for Protecting Data Center Environments
With cyber attacks on the increase, becoming more sophisticated, and increasingly targeting web applications and servers, security services provider Juniper Networks has launched products designed to protect data center environments. The company's new products come on the heels of a report, provided by the Ponemon Institute and commissioned by Juniper Networks, which suggests 62% of companies responding to enquiries had experienced web-based attacks, while 60% had experienced Denial of Service attacks. In addition, 61% of IT and IT security companies suggested firewalls and IP reputation feeds "only address part of the cyber security threat".

The San Francisco, California-based company's JunosĀ® Spotlight Secure solution utilizes global intelligence that isolates threats, potential attackers and individual devices across a range of Juniper security products and a number of networks. This enables service providers to protect against threats such as data exfiltration and website outages.

To be effective in countering threats, security systems must utilize real-time intelligence. Data center companies need to know the IP address of an attacking device, but also establish the nature of a device and ensure that information about it is disseminated both across a data center and into a network. Juniper Networks' products do precisely this.

Juniper Networks' Junos Spotlight Secure product provides cloud-based global attacker intelligence and offers a consolidation point for information on threats and attackers. It feeds real-time intelligence to a range of Juniper security solutions. Once identified, individual attackers are tracked in a global database. Rather than just IP addresses, the solution considers 200 unique attributes to identify attackers, significantly reducing false positives and blocking attackers without blocking genuine users.

The company's Junos WebApp Secure product offers intelligence on attackers and is deployed behind a firewall and in front of application servers. The solution integrates security intelligence from sources provided by the Junos Spotlight Secure global attacker intelligence service.

Juniper Networks SRX Series Services Gateways integrates with Junos WebApp Secure and Junos Spotlight Secure. It provides state-of-the-art Intrusion Deception technology and extends the SRX Series' ability to block identified attackers, botnets and significant web attacks.

Junos DDoS Secure delivers automated DDoS protection system for websites and web applications utilizing a behavior-based approach to DDoS mitigation. This provides up to 40Gb/s protection for high-volume attacks. The solution can be deployed as a hardware appliance or in private, public, or hybrid cloud environments as a virtual machine.

"Next-generation security must be built on automated and actionable intelligence that can be quickly shared to meet the demands of modern and evolving networks," explained Juniper Networks Senior Vice President and General Manager, Security Business Unit, Nawaf Bitar. " This is only possible if you are able to collect definitive information about attackers. Junos Spotlight Secure provides the platform to deliver advanced intelligence with device-level attacker tracking. This integrated approach improves security intelligence, provides collective defense against attackers and delivers true defense in-depth for the data center."

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