SEO Hosting Specialists ASEOHosting Notes the Necessity for Mobile-Friendly Websites

January 26, 2015
SEO Hosting Specialists ASEOHosting Notes the Necessity for Mobile-Friendly Websites
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) specialists ASEOHosting has noted the necessity for mobile-compliant websites in the current SEO environment. The company, which specializes in a range of hosting products including shared and dedicated SEO hosting (both in the United States and Europe) suggested that websites that do not offer mobile compatibility would experience a drop in ranking in search engines such as Google.

ASEOHosting suggests that as of mid-2014 the number people who access websites on the move (through devices such as mobile phones and tablets) was greater than those who access websites from Personal Computers (PCs) or other types of computer. As a result, search engines recognize the importance of mobile users’ online experience, and websites with mobile websites have benefitted greatly from better search engine positioning. In addition, Google has gone as far as to contact website owners with details regarding the lack of mobile usability of their websites. The email also outlined ways of improvising sites, and this advice included introducing mobile-compliant sites. Some have suggested this email might be a precursor to an algorithm change at Google.

"At ASEOHosting, we are focused on providing high-performance SEO-optimized multiple-IP hosting," explained Daniel Page, Vice President of Customer Relations at ASEOHosting. "Our hosting can help clients follow SEO best practices, but, unless they also work to implement modern web design best practices, including providing a great mobile experience, they’re going to lose out on search ranking, traffic, and revenue."

What’s your position? Are mobile compliant sites essential? Let us know your thoughts.

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