Servantix Releases Server Monitoring Software

July 5, 2005
July 5, 2005 - (HOSTSEARCH.COM) - Servantix LLC has released Servantix Network Monitor 1.0, an advanced Windows application that can monitor Web Servers, Email Servers, File Servers, Database Servers, Routers, Gateways or any other IP based device on your network.

Servantix Network Monitor does more than simply ping devices on your network. It can interrogate multiple services on each device to ensure not only that the device reachable but that critical services are accessible.

Servantix Network Monitor includes 19 pre-configured service monitors including standard services such as HTTP, FTP, DNS, SMTP, POP3 and more. Custom TCP and UDP service monitors can be used with the built-in scripting language to monitor any IP based device or service.

When a service or device fails to response as expected, Servantix Network Monitor can send email, SMS and Windows Messaging notifications as well as display visual and audible desktop alerts.

Servantix Network Monitor includes advanced features such as an integrated web server so you so you can check the status of your network from any browser, device and status history in easy to read charts, the ability to run as a Windows Service and support for Microsoft SQL Server or MSDE as the database engine.

Whether you're a technical support manager who needs to track system maintenance and development issues, an equipment maintenance manager who needs to ensure that machines are being maintained and upgraded regularly, or an auditor who needs to ensure that proper tax and insurance records are maintained, TSC2 Help Desk has the tools that you need.

Servantix Network Monitor 1.0 runs under Windows 98/Me/NT4/2000/XP/2003. Pricing begins at $69.95(US). Lite, Standard and Professional editions are available. A free 20-day evaluation copy is available.

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